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Prepare for Winter

Temperatures are falling, and winter is just around the corner. Keep these tips in mind to help prepare your homes. Add a second layer of insulation to the attic. Caulk around windows and doors, install weather-stripping and check for cracks around electrical outlets and pipes. Install storm windows and doors. Have the heating system checked […]

Could your Business survive a disaster?

As the old saying goes “better safe than sorry”. By developing an emergency preparedness plan, your business can be better prepared for many of the events that could derail it, like natural disasters such as flooding and fire, or human-caused hazards such as accidents or technology-related malfunctions. Having a preparedness plan in place ensures that […]

Cleaning after a Disaster

When you experience a hurricane, fire or other disaster, you can protect yourselves and your families by following these tips: Stay away from damaged buildings or structures that have not been examined and certified by an inspector. Wear hard hats, goggles, heavy work gloves and watertight boots with steel toes and insoles. Remove and discard […]

Don’t leave the home fires burning.

October is National Fire Prevention Month and a great time to remind yourself about safety while cooking. Two out of every five home fires start in the kitchen. Unattended cooking was a factor in 34% of reported home cooking fires.* If you experience a fire disaster, you should contact us immediately and not attempt to […]