Water Damage Prevention Tips

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Major water losses occur all of the time, sometimes there are no measures that could have prevented the disaster but other times the inspection of a few simple items could have saved the house from a small catastrophe. Here is a brief overview of some common items to check to help prevent a major water loss:

    1. Check fittings to toilets, sinks, and tubs – make sure the fittings don’t drip as well as if they are plastic make sure there are no signs of cracking
    2. Check hot water heater – check the age of the unit, check for sediment in the tank, check the sacrificial anode
    3. Make sure your toilet is operating correctly – continually running and overflowing toilets are a very common cause of water damage
    4. Check your water line to your refrigerator –  the water lines to the icemaker are known to break over time and can lead to a significant water loss
    5. Check landscaping – make sure water from a major rainstorm will drain away from your home
    6. Make sure your sump pump & floor drains are working – if these are working correctly they can prevent major damage in the event of a major water loss
    7. Make sure your sewer line has been rooted out recently – the roots from old trees often find their way into sewer lines resulting in sewage backups.  Also, miscellaneous objects that have been flushed down the toilet can eventually lead to a sewage backup. 
    8. Blow out your sprinklers in the fall – when the cold whether comes, the sprinkler lines are usually the first to freeze which may crack the piping.  When the water thaws significant flooding may occur
    9. Shutoff your water when you go on vacation – Water losses that occur when people are out of town can be the most devastating so if you don’t need the water to be working, just shut it off before leaving.

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